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| Democratic Republic of Congo |

War has shaped all their life. They were less than few years old when genocide in Rwanda happened causing millions of refugees fleeing into their homeland: South and North Kivu. Causing instability in the region, humanitarian crisis, genocide and in the end, as a result: domestic war. Nowadays they are teenagers, or in their mid-twenties and they recall that time as their first and worst memories ever. What they remember from the period later was not much better.

Usually they don’t have a say. The cliché gives them no other option: they are seen as victims, killers or freaks. They live in one of the most dangerous and dreadful places in the world: in Kivus in East Democratic Republic of Congo, where war lasted for two decades. Young hip-hop, rap and RnB musicians (Dangerous, Young Boys, B2K, Kashmal, Lille Cent, Peace Life, Victory and many others) want to rebuild their life.