ENZO IKAH (29), Congolese immigrant and refugee (with asylum seeker status from UNHCR), dub-reggae musician has been living in Istanbul, Turkey since August 2007.

Born in Italy, orphaned when he was 4 months old (parents died in a plane crash, in sabotage ordered by Mobutu Sese Seko), Enzo has spend most of his life in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), where he started his musical career. He visited 48 countries (played concert for Saddam Hussein), got himself into troubles during election period in Kinshasa.

He had to leave Congo after being sentenced 10 years of prison by followers of President Joseph Kabila. Enzo fled after being tortured (as he claims, he has bribed police officers) and managed to get to Istanbul, Turkey via Nairobi, Kenya. He haven’t reached his destination (Paris), as he was denied to cross European Union’s border in Istanbul’s airport.

He tries to start new life (again) in Istanbul, having better and worst moments. His album “Red, Black and White” has been waiting for approval signature in Turkish ministry since the beginning of 2011.